Father Joe in Polen

25-28.05.2017 – Fr. Joe Pereira in Wroclaw –
V Edition of intense yoga workshop with Fr. Joe Pereira
Wroclaw, 25 – 28 May 2017

(Workshop for practitioners of Iyengar Yoga)

Fr. Joseph Pereira

On a daily basis – Father Joe, born in 1942, Iyengar Yoga teacher from Bombay India, graduated from psychology, philosophy and theology in India, and therapeutic studies in the USA. He is the founder and director of Kripa Foundation (kripa-gracka) and consultant to the Archdiocese of Mumbai d.s. Socialization of addicts. In 2009, the Government of India awarded him the Padma Shri Award, the highest award for merit for the Hindu nation. Since 1968 he has been practicing yoga under the supervision of Guruji B.K.S.Iyengar, whose elements are an integral part of Kripa’s program. At the request of Mother Teresa he led a retreat in Calcutta to the sisters of his congregation and inspired his Kripa Foundation to serve the addicts. Father Joe has also taught Christian Meditation for many years as a coordinator of the World Community for Christian Meditation in India. In 2010, he led the Meditatio in Katowice. Based on the principle that „Grace is realized in the body,“ he particularly associates Christian faith with the Hindu wisdom of taking into account the role of the body in spiritual growth.

Teachings of Father Pereira:

„Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.“ Many of us did not actually use our bodies, some used it in the wrong way, and others insulted our bodies, no matter how we deal with our bodies. That we are creatures of God. “

„If we want to be with God and our body tells us,“ If you do not take me to Him with me, I will make you fail with Him, „then we have a kind of fight here. We need to change the perspective on how to understand its fullness. The merging of mind, body and spirit, and thus listening to the body – this is a great change. The change we all have to make when considering holiness and finding fullness in God. “

Link to a fragment of a unique document by Jake Clennell about BKS Iyengar with Fr. Joe Pereiry: Sadhaka (http://sadhakafilm.net/trailer.html)

Preliminary Workshop Plan:
Thursday 25.05
Entries and receipts of the timers 15, 30-16: 30 (IDs will apply from the beginning to the end of the workshop) from 17.00 to 19.00

Friday and Saturday 26.05 and 27.05 9am – 12am and 5pm -9pm with lunch break each day *

Sunday 28.05 h 9.00 – 13.00

Workshop price: 490 zł

Records and information:

Reservations: Reservations are made by doing both of the following:

– payment of a deposit of PLN 190 to the bank account below with the description of Fr. Joe Pereira (number of places restricted, decides order of payments):

ING Bank Śląski 20 1050 1575 1000 0023 0963 0107

– and entry into the list of participants by email: kontakt@joganamaste.pl with the phone number, first and last name. Paying a deposit is equivalent to signing up for a workshop participant. The remaining amount should be paid on the spot. (Refund is possible up to one month before the start of the workshop).

* Meals: dinner additionally paid 20 zł (Friday and Saturday)
Accommodation: possibility of a few nights in the hall (25 zł), on request we will send a list of nearby hostels
We provide three blankets per person and chair.
And you are very welcome to bring with you: mat, two cubes (wood or cork) and 2 strips. Please take the yoga bolster (preferably with cotton padding).
It will be possible to buy mats and cubes on the spot – please report on the record.
We buy new rollers and blankets specially for the workshop. You will be able to redeem them after the workshop at a promotional price (blanket 39 zł).

Context of the workshop – a few words about how the idea of ​​inviting Fr. Joe to Poland …
Fr. Joe Pereira has already visited both as Iyengar yoga teacher and meditation teacher for the World Christian Meditation Community, founded by Fr John Main, OSB, and currently run by Fr. Freeman OSB. Recently we visited Fr. Joe Pereira at our school in May 2015. We were also at his workshop in Katowice. That workshop was of particular importance to us because of the perfect combination of high class teaching in the purest sense of the Iyengar tradition.
With a deep spiritual interpretation of philosophical and theological as oriental as well as Christian.
And the latter is perhaps the most important, because on the one hand it shows the very deep nature of yoga as such and, on the other, indicates how complete a yoga reception on Christianity, including the Catholic Church, is possible. All the more so at the moment. Recent months have seen the increasing criticism of some Catholic circles regarding the practice of yoga by Christians. This criticism was spread out of the publicist and pastoral circles. The question was whether a true Christian can practice yoga without prejudice to his or her faith, spiritual life, and thus create a spiritual danger for himself and for those who follow the path of yoga. Theologians, scientists, bishops, and even exorcists spoke. We understood then that this issue raises a lot of controversy also in our yogic environment, in which there are also believers, Christians, Catholics, and in the context of these accusations of yoga, are unclear, unable to find, do not know how to react .
We decided to invite Fr. J. Pereira to make another visit to Poland. Being a Catholic, a spiritual teacher, an Indus and a senior yoga teacher, Iyengar is the one answering to all the questions we are currently asking in our country. We see that it is necessary to have a frequent presence in our country to enforce and support dialogue in this important matter.

I invite you to a workshop in Wroclaw and cordially greet you!

Paulina Stróż
Website: www.joganamaste.pl
Email: kontakt@joganamaste.pl

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